About NBC

NBC Gymnastics is a Club for all children and young people regardless of their ability or disability!

NBC Gymnastics is a Club for all children and young people regardless of their ability or disability!

Over many years of experience our management have learned what makes both a successful club but more importantly a place where children really want to be! Gymnastics is the foundation for so many other sports and life skills and is under-taught at primary and secondary schools today. Things we did in the playground as children are now alien to the majority of our children, and this is something we can change!

We think gym is a really good sport for children of all ages to take up.  Because of this our weekly programme is divided into categories to suit all age groups including teenagers.

The most important thing we try and get across to our members and families is that Gymnastics really can be for everyone. The most important thing at our club is that every child feels like they can achieve amongst the peers that they work with. For this reason, please take our advice on where your child should be in terms of their group and numbers of hours trained. We want each child to feel comfortable and happy at each session and arrange our groups by a number of different methods, not just by age or ability, but where your child will fit best!

We understand that a lot of parents want their child to be the next Simone Biles or Nadia Comaneci, but really this isn’t achievable for the majority of gymnasts, but competing at local or regional level or achieving that important next badge is! If we see that a child is achieving at the top of their current group, they will be moved into a more suitable one… we do not move up or move down we re-arrange! If your child has a vast amount of natural ability, is the right age and more particularly has the right mentality for it we will refer them for a trial at an elite club.

The majority of our club is made up of Gymnastics For All Gymnasts who train for between 1 hour per week, up to the children who compete regularly at 4 hours.  We cater everyone including those with Special Educational Needs and PMLD in our full time disability programme.

We are really happy that you have chosen to be a part of our club. Please remember that all coaches are approachable at the end of sessions and we value your input regarding any part of the club.